New Years Eve 2012

A few scenes from last  New Year Eve in Berlin: 

New years eve in the tram
People were still quite before midnight.New years eve in the tram
But after that there was party. People were wearing hats in different colors and shapes.New years eve in the tram
Other wore costumes, and a guy was asking loud: who is going to kiss me tonight?New years eve in the tram
Some trains were extremely crowded.


Jemand hat sich in meiner Zeichnug eingedrungen.

Normalerweise zeichne ich Leute die weit von mir sind. Das gibt mir  Abstand zu dem Subjekt. Aber manchmal Leute platzieren sich plötzlich mir gegenüber, während ich zeichne und ich sie in dem Bild einfügen muss. Wie die Frau rechts. Ein Augenblick und sie war in mein Bild drin..

U-Bahn Berlin


Hunde in der U-Bahn

Wenn du scheu bist, Menschen  in der U-Bahn zu zeichnen, fängt mit Hunde an. Es gibt viele und die Leute fühlen sich nicht dadurch gestört.

dogs in the metro


A little color

I am experimenting adding color digitally to my drawings. Just enough to show what was the center of interest in my sketch.
U-Bahn Berlin


In Kottbuser Tor

What I like about drawing in stations is that the train don't wait. It is a good exercise to draw something 5 minutes before the train arrive. Just a few lines.. lets see what you catch.

U Bahn Station


Cell Phone in the Hand

The German word for cell phone is "Handy". Many Germans believed that is an English word and when they are abroad talking to English speakers they confuse them asking for their handy number.
U-Bahn Berlin


Zug nach Warschauerstrasse...

I will like to meet the person behind that voice, just for curiosity to see how he looks like.





I got a friend that sleeps all the time in the U-Bahn. I can't do that. I will be afraid I miss my stop. Have you ever felt asleep in the U-Bahn?


Beauties in the S-Bahn

Sorry I could them draw them better, but believe me they were both very beautiful.


Lecker, lecker, schmeckt das Essen von Burger King!